Two of our communities are located in Santa Rosa near the wildfires in Sonoma County. The safety of residents and staff is our first priority. We will be updating this page as more details are known.

The emergency information line for Spring Lake Village is 707-537-4321. If you are a resident of Spring Lake Village, please be sure we are kept up to date on your current location and how we can contact you by leaving a message at 925-956-7427, the office of Laura Darling, Senior Director of Communications for Episcopal Senior Communities. If you are on the Spring Lake Village staff, please contact Kiran Sandhu to let us know you are all right. Her number is 209-570-3300.

You can also keep up with what is going on through the Spring Lake Village Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/SpringLakeVillage.SantaRosa/. You do not need to join Facebook to see the page.

If you wish to make a donation to support Episcopal Senior Communities in our wildfire response, please go to www.jtm-esc.org/gift. We are not accepting any more donations of clothing, blankets, toiletries, or other items at this time. Thank you to all who have been so generous!

Further emergency information is available on the Santa Rosa City website at https://srcity.org/610/Emergency-Information.

Wednesday 10/18

The Spring Lake Village campus is still closed to residents. We will be open and ready with fairly normal operations for independent living residents only on Monday, October 23, 2017, providing nothing changes between now and then. As long as nothing changes, Independent Living residents may consider returning to Spring Lake Village beginning on Friday.  We prefer residents wait until Monday. Residents may return to enter Independent Living apartments to collect items on Friday, October 20th.

Anyone who is currently in a level of care other than Independent Living, or anyone who is receiving caregiver support, health care services, or Resident Health Services support is not eligible to return until notified. Please see the notes from the 10/17 5:00 update for full details on the plan for opening the campus.

UPDATE 4:00 pm

The notes from today’s briefing are now available for download.

Wednesday October 18th briefing

We will be doing a briefing tomorrow at 2:30, broadcasting via Facebook Live on the Spring Lake Village Facebook page.

UPDATE 10:30 am

Staff: Unless you were previously assigned to help Spring Lake Village residents at another location, please report on Thursday morning at 10:00 am to the Montgomery Center for a briefing. Please see the attached memo here for information on your compensation during this emergency.

Our benefits counseling service Felice has sent the following message and information:

Our thoughts are with our clients, their employees, families and friends as firefighters continue to battle the wildfires in California. We are working to provide you and your employees with the latest information and resources available. Below is the most current information on carrier assistance and health care facilities in the region.

Medical Carriers

Health Care Facilities

  • Sutter Health – Sutter Santa Rosa Regional Hospital and many medical clinics reopened today. You can view a complete list of open and closed locations in the fire-affected region here.
  • Kaiser – Kaiser’s two main medical office buildings in Santa Rosa reopened yesterday, though the hospital remains closed. You can access additional information on Kaiser’s facilities here.

Contact your Filice Client Service Manager for additional support or resources.

Residents and Staff: Resident Marian S. informed us that mail is NOT available at the Santa Rosa Post Office as they have not had the opportunity to sort the mail. She advises people not to go to the post office for mail at this time, as wait times are very long and you will not be able to collect your mail.

There will be a Facebook LIVE briefing on the Spring Lake Village Facebook page today at 2:30.

Tuesday 10/17

UPDATE 5:00 pm

Full notes from today’s 2:30 briefing are available for you to download and review as a PDF below.

Tuesday October 17th briefing

Some key highlights of the briefing are listed below:

We are reaching out to staff to call them back to SLV on Thursday at 10:00 am for a briefing and orientation so that they can prepare the campus for residents to begin to return. We will not be open to receive residents on Thursday.  We need an additional day for cleaning and preparations.

We will be open and ready with fairly normal operations for independent living residents only on Monday, October 23, 2017, providing nothing changes between now and then.  Anyone who is currently in a level of care other than Independent Living, or anyone who is receiving caregiver support, health care services, or Resident Health Services support is not eligible to return until notified.

We realize that many residents will want to consider returning earlier, even if services are operating at a limited level.

As long as nothing changes, Independent Living residents may consider returning to Spring Lake Village beginning on Friday.  We prefer residents wait until Monday.

Additionally, for anyone with pre-existing respiratory or cardiac conditions, we strongly recommend that you not return until conditions improve and operations return to normal.

We encourage all residents to act on the side of caution.

Those Independent Living residents who choose to return, must accept and be held to the following conditions:

  • Residents must be able to care for themselves.
  • Residents who do not find the conditions acceptable once they arrive are responsible for taking care of their own arrangements for transportation and lodging away from Spring Lake Village.
  • For those who return on Friday, apartments are being checked and cleaned for garbage and biohazards but otherwise will be in the roughly the same condition as when they left. We are working on a schedule to resume regular cleaning and will notify residents when that has been prepared. Arrangements will be made for residents who require clean linens to pick up clean linens at the laundry.
  • Resident Health Services are available for emergency services ONLY until Monday, October 23.
  • There will be no life enrichment activities until Monday, October 23
  • Dining will be on a limited and simplified basis, and will start with lunch on Friday. Weekend meals will be buffet style with limited choices.
  • Montgomery Center has no heat or air conditioning but is cleaned and will be open for resident use with no staffing.
  • You must be able to use your own vehicle to access the campus. There is no Transportation or Valet service until further notice.
  • There will be normal weekend staff such as a Manager on Duty, but administrative staff will not available over the weekend.

Residents who want to return to pick up items while remaining housed in another location are welcome to enter their apartments to collect their things.

We are working on answering the questions that came up at today’s 2:30 briefing. There will be another briefing tomorrow at 2:30 via Facebook Live.

We continue to receive donations to the employee fund and we have heard from some of our business partners that they want to help and they have posted the link on their sites.  We truly appreciate this support and thank you to all of you who have already donated.  The place to donate is www.jtm-esc.org/gift .

UPDATE 1:30 pm

We do not currently have any roles for volunteers to assist in reopening Spring Lake Village. Thank you to all who have offered.

Please join us for the 2:30 briefing on the Spring Lake Village Facebook page for further updates. We will post the notes for the briefing later today.

UPDATE 11:15 am

We wanted to update you on medical services in Santa Rosa .

Sutter Hospital opened with full services at 7:00 am today.

Kaiser Hospital remains closed. The Bicentennial Way Office Building is open for these services:

  • Urgent walk-in
  • Primary Care
  • Limited specialties
  • Pharmacy (hours: 9:00 am -8:00 pm)

Dr. Geiseke and Dr. Green from Resident Health Services are available by phone. Currently we have no information on other medical groups.

UPDATE 10:50 am

We are currently developing a plan for all staff to resume work on campus and for residents to return. The campus is still closed to all residents. A select group of staff have returned to work to begin initial clean up and set up. An N95 respirator is required for all staff on campus.

The current air quality at Spring Lake Village is considered unhealthy for sensitive groups, which includes those with lung and heart conditions and older adults.

We will be having a briefing with more information that we will broadcast via Facebook LIVE today at 2:30 on the Spring Lake Village Facebook page.

Monday 10/16

UPDATE 4:45 pm

The notes from today’s 2:30 briefing are now available for download, and the video is posted to the Spring Lake Village Facebook page. We will host another briefing tomorrow at 2:30 pm.

Monday Briefing Notes

Thursday is the target date for the first group of residents to return to the campus. But how many residents, and which ones, we can’t say yet. There are a lot of variables. How many staff will be available? How many people will we be able to feed? What is the air quality like? What transportation is required? We want to get people back in, but we need to be able to do so safely and while providing the services that are required. We are working on having more answers as soon as we can. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

UPDATE 11:00 am

Spring Lake Village

The campus is still evacuated but has not been burned by the fires that are northwest and southeast of the campus. Security was allowed to re-enter the campus yesterday, and this morning we were cleared by Emergency Operations Center to allow select staff to enter and begin clean up. Residents are not permitted to enter the campus, but we are working with the Department of Social Services, the Department of Health, and Emergency Operations to determine what we need to do in order to allow residents to return as soon as possible.

Residents: If you have changed your location or have updated contact information, please call us at 925-956-7427. You may also wish to check in via the Red Cross’ Safe and Well website, as many people are calling us to inquire about residents’ whereabouts. If you are calling in search of friends or extended family, please be aware that we are only allowed to release that information to residents’ designated emergency contacts.

Staff: Please check in with your manager or with Kiran Sandhu at 209-570-3300. For emotional support or help with financial or legal issues, please contact Concern, our Employee Assistance Program, at 1-800-344-4222.

Briefing on Facebook Live at 2:30 All are welcome to view a briefing with further information from Executive Director Sharon York, which will be broadcast via Facebook Live today at 2:30 on the Spring Lake Village Facebook page. You do not need to join Facebook to see the broadcast. We will also be posting the video on the Facebook page for you to view if you cannot see the broadcast at 2:30.

Jennings Court

Our other Santa Rosa community, Jennings Court, reopened late last week. Housing Administrator Sadie Bracy reports, “Jennings is back to normal. All utilities are working. We are going to have a debriefing of the situation on the 19th.”

We will not have further updates on Jennings Court on this webpage.

We are grateful that both of our communities have not been damaged by the fire and that all residents are safe. We look forward to working through the recovery phase of this emergency.

Saturday 10/14


Today’s briefing is now posted on the Spring Lake Village Facebook page. The page is public so you do not need to join Facebook to see it: https://www.facebook.com/SpringLakeVillage.SantaRosa/

If you prefer, written notes for the briefings are also available as downloadable PDFs, below.

Thursday’s Briefing Notes

Friday’s Briefing Notes

Saturday’s Briefing Notes

Our next briefing will be on Monday at 2:30.

We have resources in place for our staff who have been affected by the fires and are working to develop more. Our Employee Assistance Program (Concern EAP) is available as a resource to support Spring Lake Village and other ESC employees with financial and legal issues and counseling support. Their phone number is 800-344-4222. In addition, the County of Sonoma and the City of Santa Rosa have opened a Local Assistance Center (LAC) in partnership with FEMA and the California Office of Emergency Services. The LAC is a one-stop-shop with critical services for residents who have been impacted by the fires. The center is at 427 Mendocino Avenue in Santa Rosa in the Press Democrat Building. It will be open 9:00 am to 7:00 pm daily.

We will continue to update this page as news becomes available or circumstances change.

UPDATE 10:45 am

The Spring Lake Village staff who were still on campus were evacuated by police at around 5:30 this morning. The campus is completely shut down. The Nuns fire and Adobe fire have both become more active overnight due to shifts in the wind and significant gusts.   From CAL Fire: “Nuns Fire: Overnight wind conditions pushed the fire in two directions towards the Oakmont community in Santa Rosa and areas northeast in the city of Sonoma. Moderate fire behavior increased overnight dues to the winds on the South and Western Portions of the fire.”

There has been progress on the Tubbs fire.  From CAL Fire: “Tubbs Fire: The most active portion of the fire is still the north-eastern portion around Red Hill and Mount Saint Helena. The fire continues to flank and make short uphill runs around to the north side of the peaks. The fire is currently holding at Highway 29.”

We are asking all residents to remain in their evacuated locations. To let us know of your current whereabouts, please call 925-956-7427.

There is no word on when anyone can return to Spring Lake Village.  Sharon York will hold a briefing at 2:30 p.m. today in the St. Paul’s Towers Resident Center and this will be broadcast on the Spring Lake Village Facebook page via Facebook Live.

Friday 10/13

UPDATE 4:00 pm

The 2:30 briefing on Facebook Live has been posted. You may view it on our Facebook page.

We have also created a downloadable FAQ document, which we will update as more information becomes available and as we learn what questions people have.

Residents who are not sure if we are aware of a pet left in your apartment, please contact Judy Haley at jhaley@jtm-esc.org or call her cell phone 707-292-9953.

UPDATE 11:45 am

Spring Lake Village Executive Director Sharon York will be doing a briefing at 2:30 today that we will be sharing via Facebook Live on the Spring Lake Village Facebook page. Please join us then for the most recent updates.

Spring Lake Village Assistant Executive Director will join HR Manager Kiran Sandhu to distribute paychecks today from 3:00-5:00 at the Starbucks at 2200 Santa Rosa Avenue in Santa Rosa.

Thursday 10/12

UPDATE 6:00 pm

We received this update from Chief Operating Officer, Ron Schaefer:

“In watching the situation closely, the strong winds did not return to Santa Rosa last night as feared.  There are three active hot spots for the fires, and all are at a distance to Jennings Court and have been moving away from the community all day.  Additionally, there are no winds stronger than 4 mph forecasted for the next 24-hours, unlike the 60mph winds that fueled the rapid spread on Sunday night.

“As such, the decision was made this afternoon to reopen Jennings Court to residents.  There is electric service to the campus and gas is being worked on by PG&E.

“Residents coming back to campus are being told that they are still under the very real possibility of the fire shifting directions and becoming a threat again, so re-evacuation is not out of the question.

“We will continue to watch the situation closely and make each decision with the best information we have.”

UPDATE 2:00 pm

Message from Prab Brinton, VP of HR: “Spring Lake Village Employees – Your paychecks and direct deposit advices will be available for pick-up at the Starbucks location listed below on Friday, October 13th.  Kiran Sandhu will be at the Starbucks in Santa Rosa between 3pm – 5pm.”


2200 Santa Rosa Avenue

Santa Rosa CA 95404

SLV Emergency Number: 707-537-4321

Kiran Sandhu Cell Number: 209-570-3300

UPDATE 11:30

Spring Lake Village is very smoky but has not been touched by the fire. Unlike the rest of the neighborhood, Spring Lake Villageis under a mandatory evacuation order. Residents may not enter the premises at this time. Maintenance staff is doing a daily check on cats who have been left in the apartments. We will be providing a more complete information on the reasons for the mandatory evacuation order as soon as we can, as we know residents are anxious to get personal belongings. We will also update you on when you might return.

Spring Lake Village residents who evacuated voluntarily are asked to check in on their current whereabouts by calling Chaplain Jacquie Robb at 707-494-3055.

Wednesday 10/11

UPDATE 7:15 pm

Spring Lake Village is completely evacuated and residents are in safe locations, either in St. Paul’s Towers, San Francisco Towers, Los Gatos Meadows, Webster House, or other communities and facilities; in the homes of family or friends; or in hotel lodgings.

At Jennings Court, as of this writing, we are still encouraging a few remaining residents to evacuate the building. Most residents have founds safe places to stay with family or friends.

We do not need donations of goods at this time. If you wish to make a donation, you are welcome to make a contribution through the Episcopal Senior Communities Foundation.

Tomorrow, we will continue to provide further updates and continue to return phone calls and contact family members. Thank you all for your support and good wishes.

UPDATE 2:45 pm

Over 50 Spring Lake Village Independent Living residents have arrived and been settled into St. Paul’s Towers, our community in Oakland. We are working to update their contacts that they are on site.

A few staff still remain on the ground in Santa Rosa, but most have also evacuated.

According to the Santa Rosa Sheriff, no one should expect to be allowed into neighborhoods before Monday.

We continue to monitor the situation in Santa Rosa. We will update as we learn more.

UPDATE 11:30 am

Spring Lake Village residents and loved ones: please be advised that the entire campus is under a mandatory evacuation order. The city’s emergency page states: “Absolutely NO entry into evacuated areas is allowed while evacuations are still being enforced. Please cooperate with first responders. We are relying on you to follow these instructions to ensure your safety and the safety of our first responders.” No material item is worth risking your personal safety. Thank you for your cooperation.

UPDATE 8:45 am

We are arranging transport to evacuate Spring Lake Village residents from evacuation sites at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds and Veterans Building. Residents will be transported to our Oakland community, St. Paul’s Towers, where staff are preparing to greet them. We look forward to providing them with meals, showers, beds, rest and comfort.

We are continuing to work on returning phone calls and informing resident contacts about their location.


UPDATE 10:00 pm

We spent the day getting  as many residents as possible to a more comfortable location. Approximately 45 residents were transferred to other facilities and more have found temporary lodgings with family or friends while we wait for the situation to become more clear. Our staff in Santa Rosa continues to care for residents at the Fairgrounds and at the Veterans Building around the clock. The fire situation is still unpredictable. We will continue to provide updates and more information tomorrow as the situation develops.

UPDATE 6:00 pm

Our community in Oakland, St. Paul’s Towers, is taking residents in their Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Skilled Nursing. The Executive Director of St. Paul’s Towers reports, “We are all ready for the 9 anticipated residents to come. Orders obtained, medications ordered and ready to arrive, extra staff called in, and SLV is sending a CNA and nurse to help as well.”

UPDATE 5:00 pm

Our other community in Santa Rosa, Jennings Court, is not under mandatory evacuation but about half of the residents have found other housing. The other half are sheltering in place. Jennings Court does not have power and PG&E has been unable to tell us when they anticipate power being returned. Jennings Court staff are doing wellness checks twice a day and providing two meals to the residents that remain.

UPDATE 3:45 pm

We have finalized arrangements for all Spring Lake Village residents from Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, and Memory Care to be transferred from an emergency situation to a more settled environment. We have either made transportation arrangements or are finalizing them now. Thank you to our partners in senior care who have offered to provide support and care to our residents at the level we expect.

Residents in Independent Living continue to connect with family and friends. We are working to return all phone calls and to begin to update all resident contacts.

UPDATE 12:30 pm

We have contacted Spring Lake Village Executive Director Sharon York and Facilities Manager Dennis McLean who have been able to fill in more details about what is going on on the ground. Dennis reports that there has been no damage to the community. However, the facility is closed to residents, under a mandatory evacuation order from Emergency Services. Dennis has been checking the facilities, making sure everything is locked and secure. He is also bringing supplies to residents who evacuated yesterday.

Sharon reports that independent Living residents are in two evacuation centers:

  • Sonoma County Fairgrounds: Residents are at either the Friedman Pavilion or the Grace Pavilion, depending on whether or not they have pets.
  • Veterans Memorial Building: Frailer IL residents are generally located at the Veterans Memorial Building, along with Skilled Nursing Staff.

Local family members are encouraged to come pick up residents; please inform a member of staff if you are picking up a resident. Those residents without local family members will be found housing since it is likely that Spring Lake Village will not reopen for several days.

We are in the process of finding better solutions for residents from Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, and Memory Care. We are working to update designated emergency contacts on the current and future location of these residents.

Sharon reports that the situation on the ground is still in flux. The smoke in the air is very bad and it is not clear whether fire will be contained. Currently, there is no wind, making it possible for firefighters to make progress, but wind is likely to rise again.

We are still working to contact those calling us for information. We are overwhelmed with phone calls. Please know that we are doing our best to respond to your questions and we apologize that we have been unable to answer phone calls speedily. We do know that all residents are safe and we will continue to make sure their situation is stabilized.

UPDATE 11:00 am

We have set up a communication center at the Walnut Creek office to answer your phone calls and contact family members. Thank you for your patience.

UPDATE 7:00 am

Staff have been working through the night to confirm the exact location of residents evacuated from Spring Lake Village yesterday afternoon. If you need information on the location of a Spring Lake Village resident, please contact Laura Darling, Senior Director of Communications, at 925-956-7427.



UPDATE 11:00 pm
Contrary to what we were originally told, many residents from Spring Lake Village’s Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living were evacuated to the Fairgrounds by Emergency Services. The destination of residents was designated by emergency staff and we were not given a list prior to departure about who would arrive at each location. However, everyone is safe and cared for.

SLV medical staff are at the Fairgrounds with residents and the morning shift will be arriving to care for people on site tomorrow. Since cell service is still out at the Fairgrounds, we unfortunately have been unable to contact many family members. We will be contacting people with information about their loved ones and their whereabouts as soon as we possibly can.

UPDATE 5:30 pm

The Spring Lake Village evacuation is complete. Sharon York, SLV’s Executive Director, is going to the Fairgrounds to check on residents from Independent Living who are in the evacuation center there.

UPDATE 5:00 pm

To ensure that all residents receive full support, Spring Lake Village is in the process of evacuating all residents. Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living residents will be transported to other ESC communities San Francisco Towers, Los Gatos Meadows, St. Paul’s Towers (Oakland) and Webster House (Palo Alto). The evacuation is being coordinated by emergency services.

Spring Lake Village Chaplain Jacquie Robb is with Independent Living residents at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds evacuation center to troubleshoot and provide support.

To all appearances, Jennings Court is out of danger from the Tubbs Fire, though the power is still out. ESC staff is working to ensure residents can remain secure in their apartments.

UPDATE 2:45 pm

We are currently trying to determine when cell phone service will be restored. We have received numerous messages from family members anxious to hear from loved ones. All residents are safe and accounted for.

Spring Lake Village is still running on generators. PG&E does not have an estimate on when power will be restored. Power is still out at Jennings Court.

UPDATE 12:30 pm

There have been no changes to the status for Spring Lake Village and Jennings Court since the most recent update. All residents are safe and either at a designated evacuation site, an evacuation site of their choice, or sheltering in place.

The Office of Emergency Services reports in a press conference that they are working with AT&T and Verizon to restore cell service, which will allow residents and family members to connect.

California Highway Patrol has posted information on road closures near the affected areas.

UPDATE 11:15 am

Jennings Court is currently not under a mandatory evacuation and the fire appears to be headed away from Jennings. Many residents have chosen not to evacuate. We will continue to monitor the situation closely.

UPDATE 10:00 am 

All Spring Lake Village Independent Living residents have been evacuated safely either to stay with family and friends or are at the emergency site at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds at 1350 Bennet Valley Road, Santa Rosa. Residents in Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Skilled Nursing are safely sheltering in place.

All residents are encouraged to contact family members to update them directly on your status and location. Family members are urged NOT to attempt to pick up family members, leaving the roads clear for emergencies. The Spring Lake Village emergency line is 707-537-4321.

If you are able to get to the facility and you are on the PM shift, please report early. If you are able to get to the facility and are looking for how to help or where to report, please contact Skilled Nursing at 707-579-6983.

UPDATE 9:15 am

Power is out at both Jennings Court and Spring Lake Village. Emergency back up generators have been engaged at Spring Lake Village.

There is still not a mandatory evacuation notice for Spring Lake Village. All Independent Living residents and some Assisted Living residents have been evacuated from Spring Lake Village as a precaution. Skilled Nursing, Memory Care, and other Assisted Living residents continue to shelter in place, accompanied by night shift staff. The Executive Director and Facilities Director are on site and ensuring resident safety.

UPDATE 7:00 am

Residents of Jennings Court (1080 Jennings Avenue) are being  encouraged to evacuate to the Santa Rosa Veterans Memorial Building at 1351 Maple Avenue. If any Jennings Court resident is evacuating elsewhere, please notify Housing Administrator Sadie Bracy.

Spring Lake Village (5555 Montgomery Drive) is not under an evacuation notice. Residents in Independent Living are being evacuated as a precautionary measure, either to stay with friends and family in a safe place or to the Veterans Memorial Building  correction: Sonoma County Fairgrounds. Residents in Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Skilled Nursing are sheltering in place.