Senior Produce Markets

A number of factors can affect a senior’s desire to eat properly. Loneliness, lack of desire or the skill to cook, financial difficulties, and physical problems may contribute to poor eating habits. Yet nutrition remains an important component for healthy living as we age. A healthy diet sustains an active lifestyle and often provides a social setting to bring seniors together to foster proper eating habits.

Episcopal Senior Communities currently sponsors more than 20 thriving Senior Produce Markets that sell fresh fruits and vegetables at cost to approximately 1,000 seniors each week, most of whom are on fixed incomes. In churches, senior centers, and affordable housing sites throughout Northern California, volunteers and elders gather to buy fresh and healthy produce as well as share conversation, meals, and celebrations. Venues provide a resource center for information and referral, education, and networking.

Many of our markets have a mission within a mission: perishable leftover produce from each market is donated to another non-profit organization that serves seniors and others in need. For example:

  • The market at Jennings Court donates its produce to The Living Room, a day program for homeless women and children in Santa Rosa.
  • The markets at the Mt. Madonna YMCA in Gilroy and the Centennial Recreation Center in Morgan Hill give their remaining produce to the YMCA’s local senior nutrition programs.
  • The San Francisco markets donate their leftover food to Foodrunners, which relays food for over 5,000 meals in San Francisco each day.

For more information about our award-winning Senior Produce Markets, or if you wish to sponsor a market, please contact: Teresa Abney at 925-956-7398 or

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