About Spring Lake Village

What is a Continuing Care Retirement Community or Life Plan Community?

A Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), now known as a Life Plan Community, offers a maintenance-free lifestyle and independent residential living, access to amenities, programs, and events, and the added assurance of priority admission to health care services if needed. In addition to the health care options, a CCRC offers services and amenities under a Residence and Care Agreement.

In California, each CCRC holds a Certificate of Authority (COA) granted by the California Department of Social Services allowing it to enter into Residence and Care Agreements that promise care for the remainder of residents’ lives. In response to an ever-changing marketplace, a variety of agreements are offered to incoming residents.

At Spring Lake Village, health services such as assisted living, memory care assisted living, home care, and skilled nursing care are all conveniently and readily in place on campus, providing for current and future needs. Our amenities include dining options in a variety of settings; a fitness center with heated indoor swimming pool and spa; meditative chapel; media room; art studio; conference and meeting rooms; business center; billiards room; salon with spa services; patio with firepit; concierge and valet; and lounges for social gatherings.

Is Spring Lake Village accredited?

Spring Lake Village is accredited by CARF-CCAC. As the nation's only accrediting body for nonprofit and for-profit continuing care retirement communities, CARF helps promote and maintain quality and disclosure in the retirement industry. Essentially, an accredited organization lives up to its own mission, strives for excellence in its services, ensures that its programs and practices are innovative, and follows an appropriate and achievable plan for the future.

An organization seeking accreditation voluntarily undertakes a rigorous peer review process. Members demonstrate to a team of surveyors during on-site surveys that they are committed to conforming to the accreditation conditions and 900 separate standards of CARF. Furthermore, an organization that earns CARF accreditation is commended in its quest for quality programs and services.

Accreditation means that a consumer can be confident that the organization has made a commitment to continually enhance the quality of its services and programs, and to focus on the satisfaction of the persons served. These select organizations must be focused on assisting each resident in achieving his or her chosen goals and outcomes. An accredited community has met or exceeded all of the commission's standards of excellence in the areas of governance and administration; financial resources; and resident life, health, and wellness. In order to become accredited, an organization must involve its residents, board of directors, and staff in the process.

For more information about the accreditation process, please visit the CARF website at www.carf.org/aging.


What is included with each apartment or cottage?

• Open-concept plans with room for relaxing and living
• Kitchen with granite countertops and smart appliances
• Tiled bathroom(s)
• Carpet and floor choices
• Paint color choices
• Spacious cabinets and closets

Can I get help making the move?

Spring Lake Village offers you the service of a senior move manager to help you organize and prioritize your move. The services are flexible and you can customize how best to use the services. Talk to your sales counselor about these options:

• In-home consultation to discuss and assess wants and needs
• Develop a moving plan based on those wants and needs
• Provide a move timeline and checklist of tasks to be completed

• Determine which items to take, sell, or donate
• Work with moving companies to arrange move time and meet with movers to coordinate the move
• Pack items to be moved
• Label boxes for easy unpacking and keeping an inventory of all items
• Coordinate stopping and starting utilities, cable, etc. at old and new home

Moving Day
• Coordinate with the moving company so that all items are correctly moved
• Unpack essential items
• Set up the furniture according to the floor plan

Other Services
• Prepare and conduct sale of items in home not taken to new residence
• Arrange for items not sold/moved to be donated or disposed
• Coordinate professional cleaning of home

I'm interested. What’s next?

Taking a look at Spring Lake Village is easy. Contact us at 707.579.6964 or by completing the form here on the website. Come for a visit and explore the community and the surrounding area. Talk with a sales counselor to learn about financial and health qualification and apartment or cottage availability.

Dining Options

What kind of dining options are available?

Spring Lake Village offers fine dining in The Sonoma Room daily for lunch and dinner and all-day dining daily in The Village Bistro from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. The Village Bistro also offers a menu for take-out as well as a market with select grocery items.

In addition, each apartment or cottage offers a complete kitchen.

What is special about Spring Lake Village dining?

• Fine dining with selection of entrées made from fresh local ingredients
• Selection of local wine and beer
• The Village Bistro serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner
• The Sonoma Room serves lunch and dinner
• Credit cards accepted for payment in The Village Bistro
• Festive Sunday champagne brunches
• Personal nutritional consultation available
• Tray service, meals for special diets, and on-site dietician available

What about guests?

We encourage you to invite guests to join you. You may make a reservation for larger parties, and meals for children under 12 are offered at a reduced price in The Sonoma Room. For large parties or holiday reservations, please make reservations early.


How can I spend my time at Spring Lake Village?

The calendar of programs and events changes daily and the items listed present only some of the opportunities available. There’s a lot to do and enjoy in the surrounding area, and residents have countless choices to get connected and get involved.

Some of the activities available at Spring Lake Village:
• Planned regular lectures, music, and classes
• Resident committees and volunteer opportunities
• Extensive exercise and fitness options
• A variety of social connections, such as dinners, dancing, bridge, cards, games, play reading, and book discussions
• Chapel and chaplain services
• A variety of cultural excursions (such as symphony nights, afternoons at the museum, and downtown Santa Rosa and San Francisco visits), complete with chartered transportation and opportunities for shopping and dining out.

Spring Lake Village is involved with Santa Rosa area organizations that expand and strengthen resident options. Some of the partnerships that enhance the Spring Lake Village lifestyle include the following:
• Santa Rosa Junior College
• World Affairs Council
• Council on Aging Senior Games

What do you mean by “wellness”?

Wellness at Spring Lake Village is an expanded idea of health and means more than the absence of disease. It is much more than being in good physical health, exercising regularly, and eating right.

True wellness is determined by making decisions about how to live life with vitality and meaning. It is the holistic integration of seven interactive dimensions: social, emotional, intellectual, physical, occupational, environmental, and spiritual.

The Wellness Program at Spring Lake Village provides opportunities for residents to maximize their wellness in each of these seven areas.

What about fitness and exercise?

Spring Lake Village offers a variety of exercise classes to meet the needs of residents of all fitness levels.

Classes include Non-Impact Aerobics; Toning; Balance and stretching; Pilates; Yoga; Tai Chi; Qigong; Zumba Gold; Chair Zumba; Buffed and Balance; Strength Training; Circuit Training; Gentle Moves; Drum Circle; Fold and Line Dancing; Water Aerobics; Aqua Zumba; Water Walking and More; and Beginning Water Exercise (based on Arthritis Foundation recommendations).

To get started, Spring Lake Village provides individualized assessments and personalized exercise plans in order to maximize the benefit of our state-of-the-art fitness equipment and saline pool. The monthly Health and Wellness guest lecture series discusses current research and best practices. The supplemental focus on nutrition, brain fitness, and heart health rounds out our whole-person approach.

Our Services

What services are included in the monthly fee?

• Use of apartment or cottage
• Weekly housekeeping and linen services
• Interior and exterior maintenance of residence and common areas
• Lush landscaping and grounds keeping
• 24-hour security and emergency call and response system
• Utilities including electricity, gas, water, sewer, trash removal, community Wi-Fi
• Scheduled transportation
• Flexible dining credit
• Concierge & reception services
• Access to assisted living, memory care, and nursing care
• Care management and coordination
• Weekly wellness clinic
• Chaplain services
• Campus shuttle

What services are offered for additional fees?

• Village Valet
• Private transportation
• Premium cable TV
• High speed internet
• Village Salon
• Guest rooms
• Additional dining
• Guest meals
• Additional housekeeping
• Personal trainer
• Catering
• Meal delivery
• Home health care
• Parking

What amenities are available on campus?

• Montgomery Center:
o Indoor saltwater lap and exercise swimming pool
o Spa pool
o Fitness center
o Auditorium
o Locker rooms
• Village Center:
o Business center
o The Village Bistro with Marketplace
o Corner Store
o Great Hall
o Creekside Lounge with complimentary coffee
o The Sonoma Room for fine dining
o The Village Bistro for casual dining
o Reception/Village Valet
o Mail room
o Art gallery
o Library
o Art studio
o Theater
o Button Brigade sewing room
o Conference rooms
o Billiards room
o Village Salon
o Exchange Bank
• The Dell and Resident Garden
• Walking trails, courtyards
• Chapel

Contract Options

What are the contract options?

ESC offers a Lifetime Agreement and a Classic Continuing Care Agreement. The choice of agreement type corresponds with the entrance fee and monthly fee costs.

The Lifetime Agreement offers services, amenities, and health care along with the predictability of a monthly fee that does not change as a result of a changing level of care and health care needs. The Lifetime Agreement offers priority access to health care services and allows you to project your living and health care expenses over time.

The Classic Continuing Care Agreement offers residential independent living services and amenities for a monthly fee that changes as health care needs develop. Health care services are provided at a discounted rate as long as needed in addition to the monthly fee. The Classic Continuing Care Agreement offers access to health care services and allows you to pay for care only as needed.

What is similar about the two agreements?

Both of the agreements offer the promise of care and services for the duration of your life as a resident in the community. ESC may provide assistance for you to remain as a resident should you outlive your financial ability to pay the monthly fees.

What are the costs?

Spring Lake Village has two primary fees: the entrance fee and the monthly fee. Residents may pay additional fees for specific services they choose, but the two primary fees make up the expenses for living in the community.

What is the entrance fee?

Spring Lake Village requires an up-front entrance fee payment that varies according to the contract option and type of home you choose. The cost is similar to a real estate purchase, but does not entitle the resident to a deed or real estate ownership at Spring Lake Village.

The entrance fee is a one-time payment that is typically made from the proceeds of the sale of a house or other assets. Entrance fees are not paid in increments and are not financed by ESC. Depending on the type of agreement chosen, the entrance fee may have a reoccupancy repayment benefit, which means that the resident may receive a guaranteed amount returned at the end of the agreement.

Entrance fees at Spring Lake Village range from just over $105,000 for a studio apartment to over $2 million for a two-bedroom with den, two-bath cottage with a two car garage. To put these fees in context, you have the opportunity to choose the apartment or cottage size, the way to pay for health care services, and whether repayment is desired and factor in your personal financial goals and portfolio.

What services are included in the monthly fee?

• Use of apartment or cottage
• Weekly housekeeping and linen services
• Interior and exterior maintenance of residence and common areas
• Lush landscaping and grounds keeping
• 24-hour security and emergency call and response system
• Utilities including electricity, gas, water, sewer, trash removal, community Wi-Fi
• Scheduled transportation
• Flexible dining credit
• Concierge & reception services
• Parking
• Access to assisted living, memory care, and nursing care
• Care management and coordination
• Weekly wellness clinic
• Chaplain services
• Campus shuttle

What are the monthly fees?

The current monthly fees range from just under $3,000 for a single resident in a studio apartment to just over $9,000 for two residents in a two-bedroom, two-bath cottage with a den and two-car garage. Although this fee may seem substantial, it is comprehensive and replaces many of the separate fees you may pay now to live in your current setting.

Do the monthly fees change?

As a resident, your monthly fees are typically subject to adjustment on an annual basis. These fee increases are provided with advance notice of at least 30 days and are determined based on the costs of operating the community.

Can I involve my children in this decision?

Moving to Spring Lake Village is a positive choice for your future. We welcome families to review this option together, and to fully understand the advantages.

How do I help my parents with this decision?

Making the decision to move to a retirement community can seem overwhelming. To help you collaborate and make an informed decision, the following list may help guide you through the process.

• Have you set up a visit to get a feel for the community?
• Have you looked at apartments/homes and become familiar with costs?
• Do you understand what’s included in the entrance fee and monthly service?
• Are you considering both the tangible (e.g., apartment, food, transportation) and intangible (e.g., social opportunities, activities, staff friendliness) benefits when you consider value?
• Does the value seem reasonable?
• Do you have concerns about long-term affordability and how the costs may change if service needs change in the future?
• Does the community answer your questions to your satisfaction?
• Are residents warm and engaging?
• Do they seem happy?
• Do you “feel good” when you are in the community?
• Look at the offerings for events, classes, programs, and activities. Would you like to participate in them regularly?
• Look at the calendar. Are the offerings diverse and interesting? Would you enjoy them?
• Is the community open to adding events, activities, or outings that you suggest or might like to lead?
• Would you have more fun as a resident of this community than you are having in your home right now?
• Would you have opportunities to interact with the broader community?
• Have you talked to residents to learn what their experience has been?
• Do you know residents who live here? If so, have you talked with them about the community?
• Do they like it? What advice do they give you about your possible move?
• Can you picture some of them becoming your friends?
• Have you spoken with care staff to understand the services offered to help support aging in place?
• Do you understand all the care services this community offers?
• Do you feel all the care services offered will meet your long-term needs?

When is the right time to move?

There is no perfect time to move, but it is important to make decisions with information and intention rather than reacting to a crisis. Staying put is comfortable and familiar, but is it the right place? Many families struggle with change because it can be overwhelming, but it can also be truly positive.

Here are some questions to consider:

1. What are the signs that it is time to look into a move to a community?
a. You rely on others more than you used to.
b. You have had more than one unexpected expense.
c. You don’t have children or family to lean on during an emergency, OR you do not want to lean on family or friends.
d. You feel like your house owns you.
e. Your health is starting to change.
f. You want to have more ways to keep busy.
g. You don’t want to have to drive to enjoy a meal with friends.
h. You worry about the effect on your spouse if something were to happen to you.
i. You want to minimize surprises.
j. Your yard and house are becoming more neglected as you have less capacity for, or interest in, upkeep.

2. What are health issues that could signal that I should move to a community?
a. Changing vision limits your night driving.
b. You are not enjoying preparing meals or shopping for them as much as you used to.
c. You want to maintain good health.
d. You are interested in regular exercise.
e. You enjoy being with people.
f. You want help in managing chronic conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes.
g. You’ve had a health scare and recuperated.
h. You and your spouse are experiencing differing levels of health.

3. What are other factors to consider?
a. You think, “It will never happen to me.”
b. Your friends have moved.
c. Your family is asking about future plans.
d. Your spouse may have trouble managing if something happens to you.
e. You seek more intellectual opportunities.
f. You feel like you are slowing down.
g. You have trouble sleeping.
h. You are facing a major home repair in the next year.
i. You want to stay in control.
j. You don’t want your children to make decisions for you.

Our Community

How can I get involved at Spring Lake Village?

At Spring Lake Village, a system of committees and guidelines for action help keep the community vibrant and friendly. Resident Action Committees, through which residents perform certain functions with staff support, receive Resident Association Funds. They include the following:
• Community Outreach
• Computer
• The Dell and Resident Garden
• Fun & Games
• Healthcare Volunteers
• Library
• Newsletter
• Movies
• Neighbor to Neighbor
• Social
• Visual Arts
• Wellspring
• Woodshop

The community also organizes Staff Advisory Committees that present resident issues and possible solutions to the Spring Lake Village staff and provide resident input on issues raised by staff. They include the following:
• Chapel Advisory Committee
• Dining Services Advisory Committee
• Facilities Advisory Committee
• Healthcare Services Advisory Committee
• Program Advisory Committee
• Wellness Advisory Committee

The Special Purpose Committees are specified and described in the Bylaws and Special Rules. Each of these committees has one specific purpose and may not have regular meeting times. They may receive Resident Association Funds. They include the following:
• Audit
• Disaster Preparation
• Financial Study Group
• Fund Raising
• Resident Appreciation Fund

What is close by Spring Lake Village?

At Spring Lake Village, we live in the very heart of a destination for people from all around the world. Enjoy the stunning natural beauty, the world-class wineries, the redwood forests, and the Pacific Ocean.

Santa Rosa and Sonoma County are the ideal locations for living fully, but don’t just take our word for it! The city website says:
“Welcome to Santa Rosa, California. Just 55 miles north of San Francisco, you’ll find a vibrant city overflowing with all you love about California … where everything comes together. Wine country and farm country, redwood forests and rivers, lakes and ocean. And in the center, our charming, thriving downtown, lined with intriguing shops and restaurants that delight casual diners and epicureans alike.”

Distance from Spring Lake Village to local places of interest:
• Montgomery Village 3.2 miles
• Santa Rosa Plaza 4.6 miles
• Spring Lake Park 1.4 miles
• Wells Fargo Center for the Arts 10.9 miles
• Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center 7.8 miles
• Sutter Santa Rosa Regional Hospital 10.4 miles
• Luther Burbank Home & Gardens 5.3 miles
• Sonoma County Museum 6.0 miles
• Howarth Memorial Park 2.1 miles
• Historic Railroad Square 5.9 miles
• Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital 3.7 miles
• River Rock Casino 32.2 miles
• Armstrong Redwoods State Reserve 28.2 miles
• Pacific Coast Air Museum 13.7 miles
• Kaiser Permanente Santa Rosa 11.9 miles
• Sonoma County Farm Trails 14.2 miles
• Santa Rosa Airport 14.2 miles
• Prince Greenway 7.7 miles
• Annadel State Park 1.3 miles

According to the official county website:
“With more than 400 wineries, miles of rugged Pacific coastline, towering redwood forests, and its close proximity to San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, Sonoma County is a dream spot in California. Tasting rooms in the world-class Sonoma wine region range from simple and rustic — two wine barrels and a slab of redwood as an outdoor tasting bar. Go beyond the wine and discover more than 50 pristine nature parks that offer miles of hiking and cycling trails through the towering redwoods or oak-studded hills. Rivers entice you to kayak, canoe, or simply float along the cool waters. A zip line excursion, a ropes course, or a hot-air balloon ride adds a dash of adventure. Breathtaking Highway 1 — Pacific Coast Highway — delights with crashing waves, sea lions and otters sunning on the beaches, and amazing sunsets that color the sky in brilliant hues.”

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